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KBC Analytics continuously engages in upgrading its knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in the IT industry. We recruit highly talented technical people with excellent communication skills and motivate them towards the goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction by training them in latest technologies, project management and customer relationship skills.


KBC Analytics has been implementing technology solutions for bio pharmaceuticals and developed a proven approach that reduces time, cost, risk, accelerates delivery, and ensures a quality solution. KBC professional services group helps customers plan and implement solutions by leveraging best practices and wide range of software products, providing reusable components and subject matter expertise for customer implementation teams.


To help you get your implementation and maintenance teams up and running as quickly as possible, we deliver world class training through on-site and on-line training programs, technical learning center classrooms around the world, and virtual training. We provide packaged and customized courses on everything from the fundamentals of the Data Science, Data Analytics and SAS Clinical programmes.


Our Support organization is dedicated to ensuring your success by providing timely response and resolution to problems with KBC services and products. Highly-skilled support engineers are well-versed, not only in KBC architecture and software products, but in a broad spectrum of third-party platforms and applications. KBC Support Services uses a "follow-the-sun" model to ensure support is available whenever it's needed.


We help the best talent in the Data Science market find rewarding careers. In the US today, “Data-driven” businesses have a huge advantage over their competition and are generating massive impact. As such, the ability to understand how to extract actionable insights from large volumes of structured or unstructured data through the application of Machine & Deep Learning models is one of the most sought-after skill sets for employers. Data science requires those who work in the field to often write sophisticated algorithms that extract insights from large and complex data sources. Those with a strong problem-solving ability and a team orientated focus, combined with a desire to generate real business impact, along with proficiency across more than one data science discipline, such as machine learning, NLP, Deep-Learning and statistics will flourish within the right role. It is our job to find that right fit for you.


We comprehend the myriad of technical disciplines and transferable skills a data scientist needs to be proficient across,  which set apart good candidates from the exceptional. Our dedicated teams can spot this talent to supply our clients with people that can keep their business one step ahead. We pride ourselves on keeping on top of college programs who are up skilling the next generation of data scientist professionals. Understanding the parallels between this and the evolution of big data, and high-performance computing, from entry level to senior positions.


Our specialty is matching highly experienced and skilled talent, with world leading organisations and disruptive start-ups who value the hidden insights data scientists can extract from their data. Uniquely, we understand the bespoke nature of this requirement and specialism, which goes beyond just qualifications in languages and database technologies such as R, Python, Spark & Tensor flow. If you looking to add some scientific insight to a team and drive a business forward contact our Data Science Team.